Police Training Scotland

Police Practice Papers

All candidates are required to be physically fit. After passing the Standard Entrance Test (possibly immediately after) candidates are required to attempt The National Fitness Standard assessment. This involves either a multi-stage fitness test or a mile and a half run (without stopping) in line with the standards below. The assessment is based on age and gender and measures cardiovascular fitness.

National Fitness Standard






 Age (Years)

 M.S.F.T. (Level)

 1.5 Mile run (minutes)

 M.S.F.T. (Level)

  1.5 Mile run (minutes)






















A word of caution: if a candidate fails to achieve the required National Fitness Standard, their application will be rejected automatically without exception and they will not be able to re-apply for a further period of twelve months.
At the end of the recruitment process a final fitness assessment is made, again based on the National Fitness Standard.
Probationer officers are required to maintain their fitness levels throughout their training. Failure to do so is likely to result in them losing their job.