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Candidates applying for the police service in Scotland are strongly recommended to do their homework before they are called for either the SET, fitness test or interview.
Police recruitment in Scotland in 2013 has been virtually non-existent pending the creation of the single force. Any candidates lucky enough to get through the recruitment process would already have been in the system prior to the changeover. The entire Scottish police recruitment process can easily take over a year from start to conclusion. The police don’t generally tend to go in for quick decisions and there is actually an extremely low drop-out rate of officers once recruited.

The Police Scotland website states that recruitment will commence late summer /early autumn this year. This is great news for anyone hoping to join the police force in Scotland in the near future. The recruitment system has been streamlined and standardised across the country, eliminating any anomalies which existed previously within the eight forces. One point to note is that given the single force, new recruits can now be stationed in any area of Scotland whereas candidates previously applied to individual forces who policed their geographical area.

For anyone hoping to join the police force in Scotland, an excellent interim step could be applying for the position of Special Constable. These are part-time volunteers who work alongside regular Constables and who have similar powers to them. Special Constables go through the same recruitment process and receive a high level of training very similar to that of the initial training provided to probationer officers. They are also required to pass the SET and fitness tests.

Once you have successfully secured a position with the Scottish police force, a fantastic career with virtually limitless opportunities lies ahead of you. There is a huge variety of jobs within the force once completed initial training and candidates should give thought to what area of police work they would like to specialise in as they could be asked about this at interview.