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Police Practice Papers was based on the now redundant SET test. It developed from a project run by the Scottish Government in collaboration with Strathclyde Police, with spectacular results. For fourteen years it has assisted potential police recruits with exam preparation papers and useful information.

In June 2020 Police Scotland changed to a new Entrance Test, similar to the old SET Test, but with some changes. There have been some teething problems so far with the new test and Police Scotland seem unwilling to give out any information to assist candidates.

The major changes so far:

  • The new test will last one hour instead of the previous one and a half hours.
  • The new test comprises one paper with all elements combined. Previously there were three separate papers: Language, Number and Information Handling.
  • Language, Number and Information Handling questions in the new test are jumbled up: there is no distinct break between sections.
  • The Language element seems to be more reading and answering questions to short reports than grammar-based questions.

We have resumed trading with our SET practice papers in the hope that they might be of some assistance pending the writing of new tests.

If you would like to share in our journey, please get in touch with Mairi on 07717 055434.

Police Training Scotland:  Police Practice Papers workbooks have been designed to help you prepare for the test. Since the police force only allows you three attempts at the entrance test, there is a real need to be prepared if you want to make the most of each test opportunity.

The workbooks are written in a clear, concise and to the point style. The introduction to papers 1-4 contains up-to-the-minute , relevant information about the SET test as well as essential information about exam techniques and how to maximise your results.


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Samantha N:

“I would like to post a comment to say these practice tests were extremely
helpful in preparing for the SET tests.”
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